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Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Sigma Institute of Engineering (SIE) is continually working to bridge engineering and application.

International Conference is no exception.

Whether your home field is a classroom, performance centre, research lab, or industry, join us in Vadodara at the 2nd International Conference on Current Research Trends in Engineering and Technology (SIEICON-2018) to bridge the gap between innovative technologies and power-packed applications in exercise and athletic performance. The International Conference SIEICON-2018 is bringing together the best of the best from all researchers and industry to provide a heavy-hitting educational experience unlike any other. From cutting-edge presentations to dynamic hands-on sessions by renowned professors and researchers, you’ll get the tools to elevate your career and keep you one step ahead in an ever-changing industry.


  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Information & Technology

  • Computer Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Electronics & Communication

  • Applied Sciences

  • Management Studies